Apple Kheer – A Sweet Desert (Indian Apple Pudding) Recipe`


Hello everybody…

Finally I am writing my first recipe here .. I am super happy today.. Actually I am trying to post this from 2-3 days but as usual my baby always put my hands back… Anyway leave all that.. As the blog name is Sweet and Salty ,I thought to post a sweet recipe first. Isn’t it a good idea..?? I prefer the quick and tasty recipes more than the long and critical ones (you know what I mean). So today’s recipe is the yummy ,delicious  Apple kheer/Apple pudding..

I love fruits more than vegetables and apple is such kind of fruit which help you to loose weight ,though this recipe is not helping you to loose weight ;p . The preparation is very simple with very few ingredients. You can prepare when you are in hurry as well. It is a very delicious and tasty Indian dessert recipe.  In my family everybody loves it,specially my son…


Apple Kheer is an instant sweet recipe which normally prepared during fasting ,but you can made this during festivals as well like Diwali,Holi,etc. It is a very yummy dessert which can be served when you have invited your guests for dinner /lunch.  You can adjust the texture and sweetness according to your choice. To find some more tips do read the “Note” section below the recipe procedure.

Let’s jump to the making procedure..

Apple Kheer Recipe:

Preparation Time : 1 minute

Cooking Time: 15 minute

Serves : 2 person


Apple- 1 cup grated

Milk- 2 cup

Condensed Milk- 2-3 tsp.

A pinch Cardamom Powder

Almonds and Raisins – 8-10 piece (chopped)each

1tsp butter/ghee

Some Pomegranate seeds for garnishing


1- First boil the milk in a pan and let it simmer on low flame for some minutes . In between stir frequently to prevent from burning from bottom.


2- Meanwhile take another pan and add ghee/butter into it and allow it to heat. Now roast the chopped almonds and raisins until golden brown.


3- Add grated apple to this and saute for some minutes. I did for 3 minutes. Then the mixture will become dry and the apple will turn soft.


4- Now again move your attention towards milk. In about 10 minutes,the milk would have reduced to its half amount. And at that point add cardamom powder. Mix well and cook for another 1 minute.


5- Now add condensed milk and stir properly to mix well.


6-Then add the roasted  Apple mixture to it and mix well and turn off the flame.


Apple kheer is ready and is best served chilled.


  • You can add nuts as per your choice. I don’t have cashews at my kitchen that time,that’s why skipped it,but you can add each nuts according to your taste. You can add few strands of saffron as well.It will enhance the taste.
  • You can adjust the amount of milk depending upon how thin (texture wise) kheer  you want,as it becomes quite thick after refrigeration.
  • You can also adjust the amount of condensed milk depending upon how sweetness you need. If you don’t have condense milk at home,then it can be prepared by sugar as well,but the taste may vary a little ,because condensed milk has a sweet and creamy taste.
  • It is absolutely normal for the milk to curdle slightly by the addition of apple into it. Don’t worry it is fine , in fact it adds more taste to the kheer.


Now you are at the end of the post.. Do try the recipe and share your view with me… Thank you for visiting.. See you in my next recipe..Bye


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