Suji Kakara Pitha – A Traditional Sweet Recipe of Orissa



So here I am with my second recipe which is belongs to my native state Orissa. I love this recipe and this one is super tasty. We the odiyas (the people of orissa are known as odiya) love to eat different tasty foods and to prepare as well. This sweet recipe is a deep fried coconut stuffed semolina (suji) recipe which we normally prepare during any function/puja . I have learnt the proper way of making this suji kakara from my Mom-in-law. She prepares it so deliciously . So here is the recipe for you with step by step pictures.. Hope you all will love it like me.

Suji Kakara Pitha Recipe :

Preparation Time – 15min.

Cooking Time – 15min.

Makes –  10


  • Semolina /suji – 1 cup
  • Water – 2 cup
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup + 2 tsp.
  • Fresh coconut grated – 1 cup
  • Cardamom powder- 1 tsp. (2-3 cardamoms)
  • Salt- two pinch
  • Ghee – as per required
  • Oil – for deep frying



  • Take a heavy bottomed pan and keep it on flame. Then mix the grated coconut and 1/2cup sugar in that pan and allow the sugar to melt. In between stir continuously to avoid burning.

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  • After some time it will look like a little thick in consistency,then add cardamom powder into it ans mix well and cook for another two minutes. After that turn off the flame and keep that pan aside to cool .

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  • Then shape the mixture into round oval shape balls..


  • Take another saucepan and pour 2cups of water into it and put on the flame to boil. Then add two pinch salt (optional) and cardamom powder into the water. 

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  • Then add the rest 2tsp. sugar into it and bring to boil properly. 

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  • Then after a minute add semolina slowly slowly into the water and  at the same time stir continuously to avoid forming of lumps.  Then reduce the flame to low and allow it to cook for another couple of minutes and you will find a thick mixture of semolina and water.

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  • Now keep the mixture on a flat plate to cool properly. After half minute take a little ghee and kneed it well.

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  • Grease your  hands and divide the dough into equal portions. Then flatten the dough balls (each) with your palm and place the coconut ball (stuffing) in the middle of them and cover it from all side properly .. You will get better idea from the below picture.

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  • Now heat oil for deep frying. And deep fry these  balls in medium flame till golden brown. Then drain the excess oil and put them on plate to cool.  

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  • Serve your loved ones..


  • You can adjust the sweetness according to your taste and adding of salt is very optional. 
  • You can add dry nuts as per your choice into the stuffed coconut. 
  • If you don’t like coconut,then you can skip that ,but in that case add a little more sugar to the dough. and follow the procedure..that  also tastes good.
  • If you want to make it without sugar,then you can stuff the rest over dry vegetable curry (sukhi sabji) instead of coconut. and skip the sugar.. It also tastes different and good as well.
  • You can make these  in different shapes like round,oval,triangle ,etc..
  • One very important thing is the dough should be soft,otherwise it will not taste good.  



That’s all.. Hope you will like it. I think the pictures help you to understand better. Do try at home and let me know how it came out… I will be back with another recipe ..Bye..


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