A warm welcome to Sweet and Salty  , an Indian recipe blog on vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.


Myself Snigdha ,the creator,designer and only author of this food blog. Besides that I am a home maker and new mom of a two year old cute little boy. Originally I am from the art state Odisha but now I am staying at Indore ,M.P with my husband and baby.

I am a food freak but don’t like  cooking before,but after my marriage when I moved with my hubby to a new place  ,far from my state,my mom’s place , I had no options to choose without cooking.. At that time my hubby inspired me so much ,because he knows cooking so well. Even I have learned some recipes from him . And in this way my cooking journey started after my marriage. Then slowly slowly I developed a craze about cooking and experimenting new dishes . That time and now ,there is a vast change in my cooking. Now I love spending time in my kitchen and curious to discover new dishes everyday.. My son also love to try new new recipes  and that helps me to do new new kitchen experiments  as well. My two boys are two food critics of mine,by the way my baby is too small for this judgements but he refuses to eat if the food is not tasty.. Hence I decided to write a blog to show my love towards coking..

Except this food blog,I am running a beauty blog named as  Beauty Obsessions Blog from Jan,2014 .



I am the only writer and designer of this blog and I will share both vegetarian ad non-vegetarian recipes here. Besides that you can find sweet dish recipes,street food recipes but in healthy way,delicious kid’s recipes as well. I will post some quick recipes too which you can make within minutes.

All recipes posted in this space are  tried and tasted by me and my family so many times. All recipes are posted with step by step pictures for your convenience.


Your comments are always worth for me.. I would be so happy to see all of your comments and will try to reply at my best. If you do try some of my recipes ,then do comment on that particular recipe post that how was your experience,how it turned out. I would love to see that and that will be helpful for other readers.

If you want to write me anything personally  ,then shoot a mail at snigdha.fairy1990@gmail.com


All contents published in this blog including texts and images are protected  and belongs to Sweet and Salty only.

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Thank you..




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