Mustard Chicken Recipe


Hello beautiful ladies…

Today I will share a quick yet yummy non-veg recipe with you all… If some sudden guests arrived at your place and then don’t worry,you can serve them a delightful recipe within few minutes.. The ingredients are also very simple and easily available at home..

It is a recipe of my home state Odisha.. Mustard chicken is actually a main course recipe with a mix taste of .. You can adjust the spice-ness according to your taste.. Here i have minimised the spicy part because my little son won’t eat much spicy.. Here mustard plays the main role ,so the name is.. Just note that all the ingredients should be fresh or freshly made…

Actually this recipe was introduced me by my newly wedded sister-in-law (bhavi) and I have made changes a few things in the preparation part as per my choice… Hope you all will like this.. Please read below to know the procedure..

Recipe : Mustard Chicken
Course : Main Course
Preparation Time : 30-40 minutes
Serves : 4 persons

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Sev Tameta Nu Shaak , Gujrati Sev Tamatar Curry Recipe



How are you all doing…?? Hope all are good.. Today I am going to share a really very quick and easy curry recipe which is very famous in Gujrat. It is basically a tamato curry with a mix taste of spicy,tangy and sweet and topped with crispy sev (fried gram flour vermicelli).

This recipe is very tasty and these crispy sev adds extra aroma and texture to this curry. If you are an Indian then you can easily arrange  these fried gram flour vermicelli /sev . But if you are from outside India or living outside, then you can check any Indian grocery shop to find this or you can also check online sites.

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